Thanks to the generous support of CPP donor, AT&T, all eligible graduating seniors who have fulfilled their good standing requirements qualify to receive a $750 CPP Technology Stipend to assist with the cost of needed equipment (laptop, tablet, etc) for post-high school plans.

Please provide information as instructed below, taking care to properly list the mailing address where your stipend should be sent, and in a minimum of 250 words, share how the tech stipend will support your future endeavors.

Note: Only CPP scholars who have fulfilled their good-standing requirements (2 academic year programs and attending summer academy each participating year) received an eligibility email. The College Prep Leadership Team has the list of scholars who are eligible to receive this stipend.

Cohort 4 Graduate of Distinction Tech Stipend
Home Address (Please note that checks will be mailed out after August 1, 2020).
Address Line 1
Address Line 2
Zip Code
In a minimum of 250 words, please share what your post-high school plans are and how the tech stipend will help with those plans. Please be as specific as possible.

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