Marisha Thomas

Graduate Fellow

Graduate Fellow Marisha (“muh-RI-shuh”; sounds like Patricia) is from Tampa, FL. She earned her BA in Liberal Arts with a concentration in Social and Behavioral Sciences at Soka University of America, graduating in 2021. She chose WashU’s Master of Social Work because it was one of the few universities she could find that offered programming in Sexual Health and Education; she wants to use her degree to lead her to a career in sex ed, and is also considering the path toward becoming a doula. She has previously worked with high schoolers during her time with Breakthrough San Juan Capistrano, where she has, at the time of writing, mentored 3 students through the college application process. She’s happy to talk to any student about her path through education and other professional experiences, but she also loves to talk about the latest internet drama, YouTube content, and video games (ask her about her Steam/Nintendo Switch library!).