Teagle Undergraduate Student Mentor Application

All Student Mentor applications are due by Monday April 5, 2021, 11:59PM CT. 

Teagle Student Mentor

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All Washington University candidates’ records will be verified with the office of Student Conduct and Community Standards to determine positive standing with the University. Positive standing will be determined by the office of Student Conduct and Community Standards.

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List two references that we are able to contact. Undergraduate students (peers, mentors, etc) are able to provide references, however, you are only allowed to list one peer. *Note: current, former, and alumni College Prep staff (director, program coordinator, administrative coordinator, graduate fellows, program assistants, and office assistants) are not allowed to be listed as reference.
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First & Last Name


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Qualified candidates will be invited to an hour-length interview. Those interviewing will receive a confirmation email of their interview date and time. Please select all days and times you are available.

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